Gmail is slow on Microsoft Edge

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Just came in to report that Gmail is slow, by any chance can any of the moderators of Windows tweak the site?

(By the way, it's not LOADING slow, it's the site that is laggy on the browser.)

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Gmail (acronym for Google Email) is not run by Microsoft, it's run by Google.

which channel of Edge browser are you using?

can you explain more about how it's buggy? UI issues or ..?

Piled up cache and browsing history can also cause your Edge browser (and any other browser) to run slow. So, just make sure that you've cleared the browser's cache and browsing and maybe Microsoft Edge will run faster. Choose Browsing history and Cached data and files and click on Clear.
UI issues, it seems to lag every time i click something.
which channel of Edge browser are you using?
what's your operation system and hardware specs? does Gmail have the same problem on other browsers?

@HotCakeX  Same issue here. I just installed a chrome browser to ensure that was not a server or internet problem, and the result is chrome did like a charm on Gmail. Te edge browser feels really slow when I use to open and work on Gmail.


FYI, I use Edge Chromium Browser Version 80.0.361.69 (Official Build) (64-bit)

Hopefully Edge will send enough analytic data to developers to find and fix the problem but try to send a feedback through browser and add a "problem recreation" to it as well.
to do that press the feedback button on Edge toolbar and then click on the "diagnostic data" which is in blue color

@HotCakeX Done it and currently waiting for them to fix this weird issue.

I am having the same issue and not just with gmail but with some other apps as well.  It is very frustrating. I do not have similar issues on any other browser@dararii