Give a Chinese name for Edge browser (Apple did that)

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As we know, Apple gave all built-in apps a Chinese name on its' operating systems in 2017.

Because most of Chinese users they do not like using English names, especially old people users.


Let's see what Apple done, for example:

  • FaceTime → FaceTime 通话 (English: FaceTime call)
  • Safari → Safari 浏览器 (English: Safari browser)
  • Touch ID:触控 ID (English: Touch ID)
  • iCloud Drive → iCloud 云盘 (English: iCloud net drive)
  • Pages → Pages 文稿 (English: Pages documents)
  • Numbers → Numbers 表格 (English: Numbers tables)
  • Keynote → Keynote 讲演 (English: Keynote presentations)
  • iMessage → iMessage 信息 (English: iMessage messaging)

From above, you can see Apple adds a Chinese description behind English app name. So it is more clear.

This minor change received many satisfactions from Chinese people. Apple knows Chinese people very well.


I researched many Chinese users, they do not know what Edge is. When they have upgraded to Windows 10, the first thing is open Internet Explorer to visit websites, not Edge. Internet Explorer is a well-known browser to Chinese people.


I know, Microsoft staff including Chinese are globalized people. They may not know why a Chinese name is such important in China mainland (not China Hong Kong or Chinese Taipei).


So, my suggestion is: add Chinese word "浏览器" (English: browser) behind Edge brand on every Microsoft product information page (Chinese edition) and Edge app (Chinese edition).

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I think you're right and it's a good idea and great feature. +1