Fullscreen F11 not respecting (⊞ Win+ ← or →) for splitting view to left/right side of screen

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Edge in fullscreen mode (F11) does not seem to respect window keyboard shortcuts:

  • ⊞ Win + or  to align the window to the corresponding side of the screen, tiled vertically.


I know it's not a window. but most other native Windows apps supports this, including a .net Framework 2.0 WPF fullscreen app I have to deal with. In latter case it by default takes full screen (no taskbar or anything) so dragging it to side of screen for split screen won't work. But when pressing ⊞ Win+  it will take half the screen to the left (and taskbar)


The goal here is to be able to let Edge take 50% of the screen without showing Edge tool/url/status-bars which it does usually when in window mode (and I'd like not to change that when used in window mode).

Side Note: I did not check if it respects other window shortcuts like:

  • ⊞ Win+ maximizes the active window.
  • ⊞ Win+ restores the default window size and state of the active window, if maximized. Otherwise, minimizes the active window.
  • ⊞ Win+⇧ Shift+ or  to move the window to the next or previous monitor, if multiple monitors are used.
  • ⊞ Win++ through ⊞ Win++ to align a window snapped to the right or left to the corresponding quadrant of the screen.

Side Note2: Never found a key combination for horizontally screen split in Windows.

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