Full screen without keyboard and mouse

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It is impossible to close full screen mode without keyboard or mouse, when using the device as a tablet. There should be some solution for that. For example, you can implement the UWP button bar as shown in the screenshot of Films % TV app that would show dismiss full screen together with close and minimise buttons.

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This flag does nothing to improve the touch experience. 


The only thing you can do in tablet mode is long press near the top and choose the X or the menu option to exit full screen. 


Personally I've given up on this feature ever being implemented. There have been numerous requests to add the swipe down functionality from Edge Classic to Edge Chromium.


As far as I can see the requests have been dust-binned.

If you sent them using feedback button on Edge then Edge team track them internally


Actually, I just recently discovered the long press and then tap X feature. It is very inconsistent with behaviour of other windows apps, but at least something. The flag @HotCakeX posted link for is even more useless, as while it improves usability with mouse, it does not work with touch at all.

Here's the best workaround I've been able to come up with @j-sind 


You should be able to activate the touchpad and leave it active. To get it 90% out of the way, you can drag it of the screen in the lower right corner leaving just enough of it visible to drag it back onto the screen when you need a mouse.


This should work well in conjunction with the #edge-enable-shy-ui flag as well. 


I guess this is the best solution we're going to get from Microsoft. They should at least document it, since it seems they have no interest in fixing the underlying problem they've created. 


Here's a demo https://youtu.be/oTiMV6VVpmM 


I'm using Canary in this video, and for some of the actions I used a real mouse (hence the pointer), but only to facilitate the screen recording.