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When I click on a link that will open the contents in a new tab, the new tab becomes focus. I want to continue in the existing tab (to finish reading my email or content) and then go back to the new tab (or tabs) that I have opened later. This is especially useful for email from news sources as they give you interesting articles to read and I open the ones I want, delete the email, and then read the articles later. Currently, I have to click back to the email after each article is opened.


Edge should have an option to open the links (tabs) in the background/without changing focus.


I use the "Force Background Tab" extension in Chrome and it works well. In Chrome and Edge, it opens links in new tabs without focus going to the new tab, as expected and desired. Unfortunately, unlike Chrome, when I create a new tab (with +), Edge does not focus on the new tab which I would expect.


Am I missing an Edge option?

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you're not missing any option, because there is currently none to control that.
you can try other extensions to see how they perform on Edge.
you can also use middle mouse button, hold CTRL while left-clicking on a link, OR right-click and select open in new tab, to keep your focus and don't switch to the newly opened tab automatically.

also you can suggest this feature to be implemented by sending a feedback through Edge browser feedback button or by the shortcuts (Alt + Shift + i)

@HotCakeX I like the left click and middle button options as they do exactly what I need. I think I will submit a recommendation as well. I have no idea where you found these options as even knowing the answer, I can't find anything in the Microsoft Edge help. It should be documented under shortcuts even though that is currently limited to keyboard shortcuts only. I see the answer in other questions when searching for open link in new tab. 


Thanks for your quick response. I tried to respond to you quickly this time...


you're welcome ^^


yes, sounds good, well those shortcuts I learned during usage I think, but you can view the complete list of keyboard shortcuts for Edge for both Windows and Mac here:



Common keyboard shortcuts in many of the Microsoft apps that come with Windows 10:



@HotCakeX I saw those, but it does not list any associated with the mouse, which is required for this shortcut. 

Yeah, they should list mouse + keyboard shortcuts too
(Pretty much) All apps from Google Chrome work also in Microsoft Edge.