Force dark mode in websites while in dark mode

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@Deleted This flag is there from a very long time, It forces dark mode on websites, but the problem is, it's also forcing dark mode when using light theme. For complete info, can you look at this thread.




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@hussain5416 I guess the flag forces the dark theme on the web contents irrespective of the theme. It does not takes the current theme into consideration.

Yes your guess is correct & that's the problem to be exact. why the hell someone wants dark web content and light theme browser? Light theme should follow light websites while dark should follow dark, as I already give in given link in op

@hussain5416 Thanks for your feedback. In an ideal scenario: 1) how would you want this to work? And 2) could you see any instances where it would be helpful to have that universally dark theme, even if a user had previously selected a light theme?


And as one of our diligent Insiders, I'm sure you're well aware of this, but I want to gently reset expectations that anything behind a flag is still in an unfinished testing/experimental phase, even if it's been there for a while. :)


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@Deleted Google Chrome has this down right. If your Windows 10 Theme is set to dark and you go to you see the site in dark because they support dark theme in 

But if you go to a site that doesn't support dark theme it will not show it. 

@Deleted  I use the force dark flag all the time and it's the one reason I recommend it to others. example - I run dark mode on my mac (or on windows as well, same thing).

SharePoint online sites are designed with normal light themes, because most of the company want them that way. They don't want to use the dark themes.

By using the force flag, I can see my SPO in dark mode while everyone else stays in light mode.


Even if my OS was in light mode I'd want it this way as well. There are some sites that don't like being forced very nicely, but I can deal with those.

1.) Look at this:

2.) Some users may want to use dark websites & light browser (don't know why) , so a toggle for that would work very nicely. But for the sake of common sense.... 'when the browser is light.... Web content should be light' & 'when browser is in dark mode..... Web content should be in dark mode'.

And yeah thanks for info about flags, but very fortunate of me, I knew that already :grinning_face_with_sweat:.

Note: There are many threads (actually nice threads) where users wants per website toggle to switch OFF/ON dark theme for those website which don't show properly when forced dark content (in dark mode). A toggle for that in 'sites setting' would be appreciated as well. :smirking_face:

@hussain5416 @Robin Nilsson @Shahin Kohan @Rohit Yadav 


Thank you all for the feedback, I've passed this thread (and similar ones) on to our Browser Theming team!


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Any update on this one?
I'm also interested in hearing a n update to this issue.