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Hi for the last two builds of Canary, 'edge://flags' has disabled 'Force Dark Mode for Web Contents' - which is my favourite feature of using Edge. Please bring this back on the next build thank you.
Also, if possible, could you add a toggle to this feature in the menu under appearance? 

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I agree. Under edge://appearance, when we select dark theme, they should provide an option to make all web contents dark too.

Meanwhile, you can download an extension that does the same thing from the Microsoft Edge Addons-store.

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... 'Force Dark Mode for Web Contents' ...
Please bring this back on the next build thank you. 


It's back in 84.0.519.0:


Due to missing this feature, I am leaving Microsoft Edge. This is a fundamental feature these days. Opera has this feature and it works fantastically.


I've tried it before, but it was not so efficient
You can better use an edge extension
I recommend this because you can change some things

extension name=Dark Reader