flashing a white screen while open new tab

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just used spoiler tag for protect eye. do not click spoiler tag if you're in dark.


I'm using microsoft edge insider beta. white flashing shows up while open new tab. It's pretty blinding at night. this problem need to be fixed.

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It's nice to know that feature is rolled to the Beta as well, that means it is no longer a controlled roll out feature!

Yes it's happening to Canary and Dev too, I can easily reproduce it by going to my new tab and refresh the page multiple times.
I think at the first millisecond, it loads the white theme New tab page and then it realizes, Oh user is having dark theme enabled, then it loads the dark background version instead.
of course all of these happen in matter of milliseconds or microseconds that's why the end user sees only a flash.

I think the solution would be for the Dev team to prevent Edge from assuming that the default theme is white for everyone, Edge can drop that assumption when the user changes the browser theme in edge://settings/appearance .


@Deleted This problem has been present in Chrome for a long time and, despite the multiple requests, they have not yet fixed it, will Edge developers fix it? hopefully they can do it.

@HotCakeX thanks. and more white flashing part. do not click spoiler if you're in dark.

1. open edge



2. separate tab



3. open settings


also, these problems are not fixed in google chrome. hope edge chromium fix these terrible eye strain problem.


additional request. `about:blank` page background color to dark for prevent white flashing while page loading.


like this



Yeah that's not good at all, Google may don't care about their users because they have millions of users already and losing a portion of them won't hurt them in the short run.
but Microsoft needs to fix all these problems and faults of the Google, to make a better browser and this white flash is definitely one of them
It's obvious having lots of users and big market share made Google reluctant to listen to their users feedback like before.
but fingers crossed if Microsoft does fix this, they'll push it to Chromium too for everyone to enjoy :)
Sure, that would help not only Chrome but also all other browsers feeding on Chromium source :)
The white flash when you open a New tab is an Edge bug, not a Chrome bug. I have Chrome open and I keep opening New tabs and there is no white flash, so Microsoft has to fix this issue because it's specific to Edge.

yes. you're right.


edge problem. ( fixed in chrome )

- white flashing while opening new tab.

- white flashing while opening setting tab.


chromium problem. ( not fixed in chrome )

- white flashing while opening chromium.

- white flashing while separating tab.

Just hit this bug last night and I'm glad there's already a post on this!

A fix for this would go a long way for dark mode polish.
there's a flag for it in Chromium but they haven't done any work on it yet I believe.

@HotCakeXI feel like Chrome is going to end up like Internet explorer. History repeats itself. 

79% market share at peak95% market share at peak
Didn't add features that people wanted

Doesn't add features people want

Relied on monopolistic practices to keep usersRelies on monopolistic practices to keep users
Moved away from benchmarks because they could and the internet would followMoved away from benchmarks because the internet follows them and they get away with it
Little to no development to keep competitive.Little development to advance the web.
though I think Google is more aggressive and won't lose the competition as easily as IE did unless Google loses its grip on the Android OS as well, which is happening by companies like the Huawei that deny Google play services and produce the best Android phones in the world (in terms of hardware, camera, everything) without the need for Google and its services (that call home)
Mine also does this sometimes, I believe it does so when it takes time for the browser to load the page. It doesn't bother me but I think it's fair to correct for those who are uncomfortable.

Dont use your device at night in the dark.  Its straining on the eyes in general.  I dont see this as a real issue, more of an annoyance.  Why not just use a different browser.  Its kind of like telling a car manufacturer you dont like the sound of the engine so you want a new engine.  Not very logical IMO

not fixed yet on latest dev version

Appreciate the update on the status of this, everyone! I've passed on this information to the right people. Let me know if you notice anything change, so I can update those people as needed. :)


Missy Quarry (she/her/hers)
Community Manager - Microsoft Edge

@MissyQ a whole year later still opening edge causes white flashes, explorer causes white flashes, search causes white flashes... and so on... i think dark mode in general seems getting broken worse with every update

This is still happening. Please fix it. Open a bookmark or link in a new tab and switch to the tab immediately, white flash. Starting Edge, white flash. All this with dark theme and force dark in flags turned on.