Find on page / Search feature request

Steel Contributor

Hi everyone,
I have a feature request regarding the very basic and rudimentary Search / "Find on Page" feature. 


In my opinion we urgently need a better solution to enhance search options especially for business, educational and scientific purposes and put Edge ahead of Chrome.


So I'd suggest the following:

  • add option for case-sensitive / whole word finds (as in Edge Legacy and Firefox)
  • add functionality to search and highlight different words simultaneously, e.g searching John Sally highlights each occurrence of John AND Sally (the space character becomes the delimiter), whereas "John Sally" (with quotation marks) only searches the whole phrase
  • ability to pin the find box so it is available and stays open on all tabs (as in Edge Legacy)
  • create a fly-out that lists all finds on a page (like the Bing-search fly-out) which makes it much more easier to switch between finds on larger pages and pdf documents


Anyone else sharing my opinion, then feel free to vote this one up :)

I've already posted it in the feedback hub as well.


Thanks in advance and best regards

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Liked the Suggestion, sent feedback about it for an upvote.


I've already posted it in the feedback hub as well.

Don't post your feedback on the feedback hub app, feedbacks only about the legacy Microsoft Edge app should be posted there. To send feedback for the Chromium version, you should use the in-app feedback tool (Alt+Shift+I) in Microsoft Edge and everyone who support this feature can do the same to upvote it.