File-open dialogue freezes

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This has been going on for a while now.  I have tried to report it in the feedback hub but it does not record.

Many web pages invoke the file-open dialogue.  This works just fine in several chromium based browsers, but in ChrEdge it is a real lottery.  Sometimes it works, but 3 times out of four it doesn't.  The file open dialogue pops up, but the scroll  bar is frozen, and it is not possible to type in the filename row.  It can't be cancelled, the whole browser is frozen.

My only way out is to use the task manager to kill ChrEdge.  

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Which version and build of Windows are you using exactly?
what do you mean feedback hub does not record?
Which Edge channel/build are you using?
I am running w10 20H1 build 19043.844, but this has been happening since at least 2004. It is much more prevalent now.. This is ChrEdge Version 90.0.818.0 but it has gone on for many versions.

I boggle at the number of ChrEdge tasks the task manager reports - for one web page with one dialogue there are sometimes dozens.

If I access my bug report in the feedback hub, make sure screenshots are turned on, and start recording, then run the browser to error, kill it, and stop recording I get a dialogue box that says "something went wrong. We couldn't retrieve your saved feedback. Please try submitting your feedback again". So I try again, and it says the same thing again.