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I am in process of promoting Microsoft Edge and help companies and companies to deploy it, so far I received positive feedbacks and overall great experience. I also collect feedbacks and analyze them and I would like to share feedbacks and suggestions to improve Microsoft Edge based on my discussion with users:

  • Working with Microsoft Edge is a bit difficult in Windows tablet and is not very touch friendly due to its small icons. It is expected that when Windows 10 is in touch screen mode, it should show larger icons and be more optimize for touch screen devices. Also it should have manual option to enable touch from setting.
  • Internet Explorer and Legacy Microsoft Edge user have some problem with Ctrl+Shift+P keyboard shortcut which open InPrivate Browsing and in Microsoft Edge it replaced with Ctrl+Shift+N and they need ability to modify shortcut keys to be like Internet Explorer and not like Chrome. This should be customizable.
  • Users also missing nice set tab aside in legacy Microsoft Edge where you could place multiple tabs in part. They need this feature and ability to save it in Favorite of in aside tab. In Microsoft Edge it is like chrome and they love how its work in legacy Edge.
  • They also look for thumbnail option in legacy Microsoft Edge which they could see preview of website on the top tab.
  • Users could only use one default search engine and they want ability to show multiple search with default as the top one so let say if you search for Microsoft and your default search is Bing and you have Google, Yahoo , then in address bar it shows like:

                   Search Bing - Microsoft

                   Search Google -Microsoft

                   Search Yahoo - Microsoft




                  other suggested

And this ability should be customizable and user could turn this feature on or off but they could search with any search engine as they like (of course we need to set limit number to show here).

  • They also missed search tips, so in past if you search for weather, it shows weather icon with current weather information of location (from Bing), if you search for 2x3 it shows calculation and answer 6. There were cool tips which no longer working in Microsoft Edge and users want this feature back.

These are suggestions and I hope put them into consideration and I will share feedbacks once I have more information. I am also asking them to send feedback through feedback form.

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Actually few minutes ago, Edge developers opened up this topic about Sets tabs aside, so it's being paid attention to and sooner or later we will be seeing it in the Edge

also i see you mentioned "search tips"
to provide more info about it, on Google chrome the same thing exists and it's called
"Omnibox rich entity suggestions" which is a flag and it Also exists in Edge.
the difference is that it works in Google chrome but activating the flag has no effect in Edge.

you can see more info about it in here:

i created that thread months ago but still there hasn't been any progress made

Thank you for your reply, well I will also write down in Discussion related to set tab aside and close tabs.


Regarding the search tip, it is different with "Omnibox rich entity suggestions". We have seen this feature in Legacy Microsoft Edge and you will see more details in Cortana, so try search weather in Cortana and you will see what I means.

When default search engine has been Bing, then it shows search tips like that. So there is a need for deep integrity between Bing, Cortana and Microsoft Edge and this is something Microsoft Edge team need to work on.


'Regarding the search tip, it is different with "Omnibox rich entity suggestions". We have seen this feature in Legacy Microsoft Edge and you will see more details in Cortana, so try search weather in Cortana and you will see what I means.'


I wonder if this is another example of just how well Cortana worked across everything in the past, but now the feature has been removed from Launcher in Android, and there is no stand alone app, the use of Edge on PC/Tablet and Android phone is suffering?


Will the Edge Team alone be able to provide the extra search personalisation required cross platform?

When I make a facebook call in latest updated Microsoft Edge, it works well and I can easily perform voice and video chat. But, when I am receiving facebook call in Edge, as soon as I click the receive button, it tries to load and unfortnuately "call failed" message appears. Yesterday I updated Edge and today I noticed this issue. Then, I checked few times with my friends, same issue is repeating. Developers team not concerning in this type of issue is why Edge is failing to become popular.
Actually Cortana doing great in Windows 10 and it has all features and improve day by day. I am talking about integrity between Microsoft products and if integration with Cortana is technical difficult, then it could start with integration with Bing , so if you search "Weather" in Bing (make sure region is EN-US) then you will see search tips.
Yes Cortana in Windows 10 is improving again, but there's definitely something missing in the mobile world without Cortana :) I am not sure who is responsible for the changes you suggest are necessary now.
Yes I know what you mean, but they are the same features.
Microsoft can improve it and make it look like the old Edge