Feature Suggestion for Chromium Edge: keyboard shortcuts for Collections

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Collections is one of the best browser feature additions I've ever seen in my using lifetime, and the only obstacle in my personal use to their perfection is their lack of keyboard shortcut support, especially the lack of a shortcut to show/hide the Collections panel. Here are my ideas for specific shortcuts:

  • Show/Hide Collections panel
  • Add current page to collection
  • Start new collection.

Of course, I'd love to read your suggestions/your feelings about this. 

Thank you!

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don't think you've noticed it but show/hide collections panel already has a shortcut, it's displayed in the ellipsis Edge menu: Ctrl + Shift + Y

shortcut for adding current page to collection is a bit confusing, because when you right-click on a page and add page to collections, you have to select a collection first, so the shortcut could only show the list and you still have to manually select the collection.

I don't find the shortcut for starting a new collection useful, because most of the time I'm adding content to a collection, not repeatedly creating collections.
collections are like notebooks and items in collections are pages. I often add pages to notebooks instead of creating empty notebooks.

anyway, for the other 2 options, you can send them as feedback using feedback button on Edge or (Alt + Shift + i) shortcuts. it's the primary way Edge developers receive suggestions/feedbacks.