Feature Requests: Keyboard Shortcut to hide/show vertical tab bar

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I'm loving the vertical tab bar natively, but just have a few simple feature requests  that would make it that much nicer for a power user:

1) Provide a keyboard shortcut to collapse and expand the vertical tab bar.  I love the vertical tab bar for allowing for titles to be visible even when you have a decent number of tabs, but it does take up a lot of horizontal space, so I am often switching between it being and expanded and collapsed.  A keyboard shortcut (something that requires only left hand) would make this so great.

2) Remove the 'x' from each tab unless the pointer  is hovering over it.  The 'x's on every tab just takes away space for showing more of the tab titles.

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Just wanted to bump this in case anyone missed it; is this a feature anyone else would be excited by?
I don't think keyboard shortcut would help me. even if i open the vertical tabs sidebar with shortcut, i still have to move my mouse cursor over there to select a different tab, so that key press would be unnecessary since it automatically expands when i hover near there.
Two points on that:
- Sometimes I just want to see the titles of other tabs, and not necessarily navigate
- I commonly switch tabs with keyboard shortcuts - Command-Option-Left and Command-Option-Right (for macos), or Ctrl-Tab, Ctrl-Shift-Tab
Sure, i just use the shortcuts and Alt + Tab shows me tab titles, don't rely on vertical tabs or Edge showing me them. i usually switch between different programs and Edge tabs smoothly with Alt + tab.