Feature requests for Edge mobile

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I have been using the android version of edge, latest build on android 12. While the browser is very battery friendly I would like to point out some stuff that can be improved:


1- Bugged reward system on mobile. It is an issue I have asked support some help with but still 'very good support' (sarcasm). Losing out points because of a mobile search counter that does not work. 


2- Offline read aloud? That would be cool. I mean not everyone is online 24/7 XD


3- PDF viewer for mobile just like its desktop counterpart?


4- Allow us to install our own extensions! Edge has its own extension store which is great and more secure since it is a double filter compared to the chrome webstore. Why not port this into the app? That could be a massive game changer! The code is here, the store is here, the mobile device platform is here! We just need this missing link!


5- Tab groups?





Ps - Check the sub reddit more often there are some nice feedback there too XD.

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