Feature Request: Change tab color according to web site

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I think the personalization is very important too, and this feature could be great.

Edit: Would NOT be Permanent, you would have the option to use:


1 - Standard color (White in light mode, black in dark mode obviously, the usual)


2 - Dynamic color:

                     1- Take color from the Favicon

                     2- Take color from the page header background or accent color






From favicon:

Captura de pantalla (5).png


From page header background or accent color:

Captura de pantalla (4).png




Captura de pantalla (1).png


Browser used in screenshots: Vivaldi

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@Richard950 I'd have to disagree that this should be a feature and instead should be an extension.  Basically an enhanced version of Tab Colorizer for Chrome.


@renke-pkey  Why? The activation would be optional, not permanent. Having two options: Use standard color (light/dark) or dynamic, just like Vivaldi

This is not a customization that I would use.  Such an option would be fine as long as there is still an option to not color tabs.

@Deleted  Of course, with 2 options: use standard color (light / dark) or dynamic color

Thank you @Richard950 for the suggestion. I will make sure our theme team (hey that rhymes) see this feedback. For the sake of argument, were there an extension in the store that did this, would that work for you?



I think I was just confused.  I thought there should be three options, use standard color (light / dark), use dynamic color, or do not color.

@Deleted  Only two, with the standard option would always be white in light mode or black in dark mode obviously, the usual.
And with the dynamic mode Exchange according to the accent color of the website

@Elliot Kirk I know extensions to change color tabs, but if I'm not mistaken, there is not one to change according to the color of a website. I edited the description to better clarify the options that would have

     I would like to see the actual top of the tab, not the whole tab or the tab background, change according to the URL or at least all be colored to more easily distinguish one from the other.  This is helpful when zillions of tabs are open and for people who can't read the text on the tabs so well or because they are too narrow. That could be solved with something like Tab Mix Plus and using tab rows, but that goes in another thread.


     Firefox used to have this feature via the Colorful Tabs extension and it was the best thing about Firefox. But the new Firefox broke it along with everything else I really liked in a browser.  It looked like this in action:


     The creator had worked some on a Chrome version, but she didn't get very far with it or it is broken.  The discussions and related info are available here:



     You could choose whether the tab colors were different for differing domains or choose between four color schemes that would be used to color the tabs.  This was permanent and didn't change from browser close to browser open.  You would eventually know domains by color.


     I agree with many that this Edge is not ready for prime time yet, but I would switch to it in a hot second if it had this feature.







I would add a third option: Color!

Being able to choose from a fixed set of colors (why not the Windows color set) would allow me to easily distinguish between my DEV, STAGING and PRODUCTION CMS'es that are opened right next to each other

This is the feature that I would most like to see in a browser.  It is why I used Firefox for years past it having that bug that made it suck up memory.  I loved having the tab color vary with the doman and it ought to be a basic part of any browser.  It improves usability to the point where it ought to be advertised as the best main feature of Edge.  I am almost ready to try one of the alternate browsers since none of the mainstream ones or Edge really work that well anymore for me.  They are all the same really.  This feature would highly distinguish Edge as the premiere go-to browser for a lot of folks.