Feature Request: Add an optional user-defined description field to bookmarks

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I'm constantly re-naming and re-organizing my bookmarks (favorites) so that they make the most sense to my future self when I have to circle back to some resource I might not have even thought about in quite some time. But it can be difficult to put enough information in the 'Name' field to remind me if it's really the location I want to be opening.


One feature that I think would be really beneficial is to add an additional 'Description' field that can be defined when creating/editing a bookmark (favorite). If this field is populated with some text, then it should be displayed in the bookmark's tooltip when hovering over it. I see no issue having this field be character limited to some number of characters, as long as it can contain a couple of sentences.


I think this would be a really neat feature that would enable users to have much simpler 'file structures' for their bookmarks (favorites), while also making their bookmarks more reliable over time.


Sometimes users will make multiple links to various sub-pages that all exist within the same website. But with this extra information available, one could more easily just link to the higher-level URL of a website; because the bookmark (favorite) description could contain just enough info to help them find what they need from the one access point.


Often, websites re-organize their pages in ways that could break old bookmarks, but higher-level URLs of a website change much less frequently. So this feature wouldn't just make navigating your bookmarks easier; in practice, it would also allow the user to make useful bookmarks that would be more reliable over time.


Please let me know what you think!



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