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hey all


I was wondering why is it so difficult to give the user the option to pin Favorites to a left or right Sidebar. Just like Firefox. You can do it with collections (even though you have the option to pin it only... to the right...) why not in favorites and history? 

Many users like my self included want the ability to pin favorites in a left sidebar and collections in the right. Big screens are making our life in surfing the web easier but only if you have the ability to adjust the browser according to your needs. 


  • optimize free screen unused space by giving the ability to pin on the side (left or right) favorites, history, collection
  • think of left hand mouse users

i hope i am not having to many and to complicated requests




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I would love a side bar for favorites too but I have a feeling it won't happen in Edge.
because, on the right side we have Collections panel, and on the left side there will be vertical tabs.

so unless they make the UI in a way that the panels can replace each other or stack on top of each other, I'm not sure how it's gonna happen

@HotCakeX  vertical tabs is something else some people will love it an used it other will ignore it. its the same case with sidebars others want it others don't. the only serious browser that support sidebar is Firefox, i was wondering if edge came up with the same feature how many will they move from Firefox to edge ? 

i would without any second thoughts.

I use Firefox and there is only basic side bar feature in it lol it only shows the same bookmarks in a side bar but I can already see from the bookmark bar arrow.
the side bar also shows history but it's not good compared to how Edge dedicates an entire page to history edge://history/all

@HotCakeXDifferent strokes, I myself absolutely hate history on a page, and consider it on a sidebar to be the far superior solution. (For instance, I often open the history sidebar in earlier Edge and right click on something I looked at earlier while still reading on the current page, can't do that with a history page style format.)


For me, the lack of an earlier edge style sidebar (Favorites, History, Downloads, etc.) is close to a deal-breaker, and if it doesn't get added, I'll prolly swap to Firefox when earlier Edge is fully EoL'd.