Favorites for the Edge browser ?

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Can Edge favorites be made into network favorites?

Not PC favorites, not mobile favorites. It's a third, separate, separate collection.

It could even have its own web site.


When the Edge browser opens, it will bind to the account and open the favorites naturally.

If the user, in other places (for example, PC, mobile phone, or Internet cafes such as other people's mobile phone, PC...) ", so you can go to your favorites just like you type in a url, and send to -- or drag to -- your favorite sites from other platforms.


Favorites, which can be published as a standard within the browser, are apis. Others can mobilize this interface to generate local network favorites.

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I do not understand. Pocket in Firefox? Pinboards in Opera? Collections for Yandex Browser? All have their own webs. "Network favorites"? Domains? News aggregators? Fiber optic backbone network node addresses? I think you are well able to (re)create your favorite network of world cozy places. You do not need Edge Network Favorites. Have a nice day.