Favorites Folder Expansion Persistence Changed

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In the last few releases, I am currently on Version 94.0.975.0 (Official build) canary (64-bit), the persistence behavior of Favorites folder expansion has changed.


It used to be if I clicked on the triangle to expand a Favorites folder, the folder expansion would persist when I next opened the Favorites menus. But if I clicked on the text of the folder name, it would not persist as expanded the next time I opened the Favorites menu.


I found this behavior to be helpful since it allowed me to choose whether the expansion persisted or not. It also allowed me to avoid a growing first view of Favorites that I have to manually collapse to reduce in size.


It will be helpful to me to bring back the ability to choose the persistence behavior I would like each time I expand a folder.


Alternatively, a setting to be able to choose non-persistent expansion or persistent expansion as the standard would work for me, but would not be as flexible.


I have also submitted through Send Feedback.

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Thank you for letting me know about your post. I missed it when I searched to see if something similar had been posted. 

The loss of functionality in the persistence behavior of Favorites folder expansion has now shown up in Dev, Version 94.0.975.1 (Official build) dev (64-bit). See also the post from @tistou above. Also reported through Send feedback.

No change yet, did you also report the information through the feedback ?
I reported through Send Feedback in Canary when it remained after a few releases, and then again for Dev when it showed up there too.
Ok me too :)
It's good for you now ?
Unfortunately, it is not. I posted here yesterday, and later deleted the post, when I thought it had changed. After testing on more computers, I realized that what I saw was on the one computer that had Edge Stable as the default browser.

For Canary and Dev so far, this issue remains.
Ah ok, thanks ;)
I have reported that the issue remains in the new Dev release and in Canary through Send feedback. I assume you are also still seeing the issue.
Yes, feedback send again ;)
The previously reported loss of functionality in the Favorites persistence continues in Dev Version 94.0.992.1 (Official build) dev (64-bit) and in Canary daily builds.

I sent another update through Send feedback.

It would be good to know if this is recognized as a bug or if this is a planned change to the functionality, particularly since this could be arriving in the Beta channel soon. I have not been contacted regarding the submissions over the last few weeks, other than the automated email in response to the Send feedback.
indeed, we have no feedback for that
I send another report too
The loss of functionality continues in Canary Version 95.0.1001.0 (Official build) canary (64-bit).

I will test in Dev and then Send Feedback again.
The loss of functionality also continues in Dev Version 95.0.997.1 (Official build) dev (64-bit).

I have reported both in Send feedback.
Thanks for feedback, me I have problem with feedback of Canary

if you could look for this problem too


Have you already opened your eyes? Good. Welcome in naive realism. I'm not sarcastic, I'm realistic - to the marrow.

Hey there! 


Standardizing the behavior when clicking different spots on the favorites was intentional. It was generally confusing to users to have what they viewed as the same action (clicking a favorite) lead to different outcomes, so this was standardized. Totally understand that you'd like to be able to choose which behavior occurs, though! It sounds like you've already submitted feedback around this, but for anyone coming into this thread later that would like to see a setting for this or other ways to more granularly control the behavior -- make sure you submit feedback in the browser and let us know =)


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