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Open favorites management page in new tab instead of open flyout when user click menu (Pic 1, pic 3).

There already have button to open flyout (Pic 2)

And please assign different keyboard shortcut for these two things. It's really disturbed when users have click multiple times to open favorites management page


This is how Edge behave in version 88.0.673.0 (Official build) Dev (64-bit) for Mac

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I would like to add one more thing. I'm used to managing Google Chrome favorites. I started using Edge but the favorites annoy me a lot. I use favorites a lot to store links to content that are important, interesting and that I will possibly need again.

In Edge, when I try to add an item to favorites via the context menu, it ignores it and suggests adding it to the same directory as I previously added. In fact, there is no "add to favorites" in the context menu, it does the same function as the shortcut key Ctrl + D.

Could you change that? I wanted to add the favorites directly in the folder where the context menu appeared. If I right click on the "Docker" folder the favorite will be added to the "Docker" folder, not the folder I added earlier.