Extremely long tab load time when multiple tabs opened.

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In canary, I was opening about 28 tabs from my bookmarks at once and noticed that it was taking an abnormally long amount of time to load. I'm using canary with many power saving flags on. I went to Dev and turned all power saving flags off and turned on OPEN GL. I then opened all 28 tabs. I did the same on Can.

The load time for Dev was 1:05

Firefox was 1:23

The load time for Can was 9:01, with the first tab that completely loaded at 2:45 and the majority at around the 6 minute mark.

Is there a way to remedy this, because I can wait about a minute for tabs to open, but 10 minutes is the point where I switch browsers.

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I think if you're doing it for benchmark better do it with default settings (all flags off), but if your concern is for personal use, power saving flags won't help you, they might even increase the load times as they force Edge browser to use less system resources and power (for battery optimization) so it won't be powerful enough to handle all the works quickly enough.

which flags have you turned on on Canary?


Yeah, your probably right.

Timer Interrupt Experiment

Enable resource load throttling

Calculate window occlusion on Windows

After experimenting with some of them, I'm pretty sure Window occlusion is the one slowing it down, as the load time without it is ~1:30

I've seen others reporting that Timer interrupt slows down Edge too.
"resource load throttling" , that flag is screaming that its main purpose is to slow things down for you


I read online that that flag was created because Microsoft found out why Chrome used so much power and this was their solution to cut down on usage. I wish that when your PC was plugged in and the battery was higher than, say, 50%, those would turn off so you could get more performance out of edge.

Maybe they will behave like that once they find their ways into normal settings page