Error 0x80070002 while installing any Edge version

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I used to have edge dev version on my computer, but after I installed a SSD and formated my PC i can't install any edge version.

Always the same error: "Failed to cache downloaded installer. Error: 0x80070002"


Sorry for the bad english and hope u guys help me

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which version of Windows is this happening on?

try running the installer as Admin see if it helps.


@HotCakeXWindows 10 Home 64 bits / Version 1903 / Comp 18362.356

Already tried as Admin and the same error happens


That's the latest Windows 10 update, great.
could you test something else for me? launch a Windows Sandbox and try installing the Dev in there see if it makes any difference.
I've just tried to install Edge Dev on my machine and It was successful.
I'm using Windows Defender antivirus and Windows Firewall, and I ran the installer without admin rights.