Emulator from the old Edge.

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On the F12 command in the original edge, there is an emulation tab that allows you to trick the website to think your on the mobile version, which is useful for posting Instagram pictures without sending them to my phone. There is no easy way to do this on the chrome based f12. Would it be possible to add it?Annotation 2019-09-04 073413.png

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Hi there,

you can do it in Edge insider Canary Version (Official build) canary (64-bit)


the feature is called Device Toolbar

you can press F12 and then this shortcut CTRL + SHIFT + M


or press that icon (green arrow is pointing to it)


Annotation 2019-09-04 184145.png






I just tried it on Instagram and It lets me use Insta Directs and post pictures :)






you can also enable this flag in edge://flags/ to get access to more experimental developer tools features


Annotation 2019-09-04 184805.png




Thank you for your help.

What I was saying is that edge had a separate tab labeled "emulator" that made it easy for people who didn't know where it was hidden to find it.

Yeah, Device toolbar is not very related to emulators, it needs a rename