Edge Vertical Tab not working in MacOs

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I am using latest version of MacOs Big Sur (11.2.3).

There seems the vertical tab not working in full screen mode. 

When i am making full screen mode it switch back to horizontal tab mode automatically.


is anyone facing this issue ?

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this is not an issue/problem since the vertical tabs support for full screen mode simply hasn't been implemented yet.

comment from an Edge developer:
"vertical tabs aren't enabled on any platform in full-screen yet since we're still determining, among other things, the interaction that would make the most sense. "


there have been changes to the vertical tabs, this is the most recent one:


Vertical tabs in fullscreen mode were working a few months ago, however they were a bit buggy. In a frustrating update, the feature was entirely disabled in fullscreen mode again and is still fully disabled. I believe the ability to use vertical tabs in full-screen mod was probably a bug before with how they disabled it on Mac, letting you re-enable vertical tabs in full-screen mode when you weren't supposed to be able to in the right-click context menu.

It technically isn't a bug now, but it is something that would be nice to have. Having to keep Edge in a shared/normal desktop instead of being able to fullscreen the application is a frustrating limitation in MacOS, where full-screening an application is the only way to give it a dedicated virtual desktop (a workflow I think is a little easier in Windows).

Has there been any progress on vertical tabs on Mac?

I'm currently on Version 92.0.902.84 (Official Build) (arm64).
And vertical tabs still don't work in fullscreen.

Please support it soon. I need to use vertical tabs on mac fullscreen very very much!

Almost a year later.... any updates?
Any updates? The vertical tab is awesome, any technical block to bring this feature in MacOS?