Edge v95 --app not working?

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We use Citrix WEM to publish a few start menu shortcuts, which open URLs in edge, inprivate mode, and in app mode like this:


C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft\Edge\Application\msedge.exe -inprivate --disable-popup-blocking --app=


However, these no longer work, now one only sees microsoft edge open up in inprivate mode with a blank tab, but previously, it actually went to the URL specified. This appears to only be an issue in v95, on v94 the above method still works on opens the URL. What has changed?

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Thanks for asking about this @sghosh1115. This is a known issue currently with the Chromium code base (the code that is shared between Chrome and Edge). We are discussing the use case in the public bug you can see here:

There is some debate about whether this should be a supported scenario or not. I believe it should be, as leveraging --app with --inprivate is a really compelling scenario to me, but you may notice that when you are in an inprivate window we do not let you pin or install the site.

Regardless of all of that discussion, hearing a customer voice that says they like the feature and use it regularly does help.

-John Jansen
Engineering Manager, Edge