Edge sync not working on Android

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I would like to use the new Chromium-based Edge and eventually spread it in our organization, but I noticed that there are still serious flaws in its sync engine.

I have been able to set up sync on macOS and then on two Android devices with the latest stable version of Edge available right now (84.0.522), but while sync keeps going on the Mac it stops after the first sync on Android.

The last sync date is stuck on that of the first run, tapping on "Sync now" has no effect and in edge://sync-internals I see

Transport StateDisabled
Disable Reasons

Waiting for sync url

The account I'm using is a enterprise educational account with an A5 license and our Azure AD Premium P2 tenant has Enterprise State Roaming enabled for all devices (I'm the tenant admin, so I am pretty sure about this).


Apart from this issue, we are still waiting for the history/open tabs sync feature to be released... planned for summer, Microsoft says, but summer is ending.



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A few days ago I installed again the latest version of Edge for Android ( as of this writing).


History and tabs sync has been finally implemented but on Android the whole sync process has the same issue I reported above.


It properly syncs everything when I setup my account on Edge and then for a few hours, buth then it stops working for no apparent reason.


The only way to re-establish a connection with the sync servers is to reinstall Edge or wipe its data and repeat the setup process.


Tested on both my Samsung S10 smartphone running Android 11 and S3 tablet with Android 8.


Is nobody else having this problem on Android?


both AIP and ESR are enabled on my company's Azure AD, as described here: