Edge Stuck on Setting Up Sync

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Using Version 81.0.381.0 (Official build) dev (64-bit)


When I setup sync on my work Network, the sync just stays on "Setting up Sync". However, when I go off company WI-FI and onto cellular, the sync works fine and the status changes to "Sync is on". Its more than likely a problem with the company firewall. The IT admin always asks which port/url they need to open. What needs to be opened for Edge Sync to work properly?  I tried to watch traffic off my machine, but couldn't make a determination of what URL sync is trying to access.

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try opening in the firewall

that's the server URL shown in the edge://sync-internals/

Thanks. That was extremely helpful. Everything works great now.

Awesome, you're welcome :)



Hi there; thanks for the reply above. We are exhibiting the same behavior of the profile being stuck at "Setting Up Sync." I do not see any activity being blocked for this pilot PC in our Firewall. I have also confirmed that on a separate computer, completely off our domain, the same thing is happening. The sign-in is with an O365 account. It seems strange that it's happening on as well as off our domain.


I had forced the Sign-In requirement via Group Policy, and I turned it off in case there was something wacky going on there, but that didn't make a difference either.


If anyone has any ideas, please let me know!

Update: It looks like this is due to our subscription level for O365 (we're only business premium). This is kind of lame.
Good find,
well it says "Sync has a dependency on the protection service offered by Azure Information Protection (AIP) to protect sync data" so it kinda makes sense to require it for sync. I think since you can't sync with your account, you can't sign in either because what would be the point.
My Edge stuck on "Setting up Sync" . Please help

@HotCakeX  Hi! I'm not very techy so I do not understand what "opening in the firewall" means :sad:

Kind regards.