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Looks like the sidebar button is forced on Edge 121.0.2277.128. Pic attached.


Anyone know if there's a trick to removing it? I can't seem to find it in the GUI or in edge://flags.







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YES PLEASE. We need an answer

I found that you can remove it with a policy in the registry: https://learn.microsoft.com/en-us/deployedge/microsoft-edge-policies#hubssidebarenabled
But then in Settings it will always say that "Your browser is managed by your organization"
I think that it should be an option in settings or at least one in edge:flags.

I dont have an edge folder in SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\
Yeah, I didn't either. You need to make it, right click on Microsoft > new key and name it Edge then right click on the right > new dword 32 bit and name it HubsSidebarEnabled and leave the value at default 0x00000000 (0)