Edge - print preview stuck on loading (spinning gear)

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Hello, some users reported to me that they CAN'T PRINT in Edge (since this morning). Ctrl+P doesn't work, it just opens new print preview window where you can see rotating spinning gear. Printing can only be triggered by pressing a combination of buttons Ctrl+Shift+P (but this is quick print without preview in different modal window). These users are using the newest version of Edge (109.0.1518.55) and they can print normally from other programs such as Adobe Reader, Word, etc. Does anybody have any solution to solve this?


I have tried to clear users' browsing data, restart Edge or computer, nothing helped.


Thanks in advance for your help.



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I have exactly the same problem since last week. (with this exact browser version) On one of the machines, deleting the %appdata%\Microsoft\Edge directory helped. It didn't help on the second computer.
We have the same problem on a few machines too. Newest version installed. None of the workarounds, that I found helped. Stopping the spooler service or deleting Edge UserData, makes the preview windows appear, but by selecting another printer, it gets stuck again.
Our engineers are working on a printing issue where users are unable to print on printers with names containing special non-English characters. A fix should be released soon. Can you confirm that your printer name does use special characters to confirm your issue is related?
in my case, one of the printers contains non-english characters

@sukipa I confirm that we have the exact same printing issue (Version 109.0.1518.55). We operate in a french environnement.  

@Jeremiah-V Thanks for your help. We were able to reproduce and solve the problem by renaming affected printers. German environment, printers with umlauts (Büro(=office)).

We have the same problem here and changing from swedish characters to english worked
Can confirm, polish diacritical characters in printer's name were the cause of this problem for me.
What a strange reason for printing to break...
Can confirm Swedish characters are also causing problems in:
Microsoft Edge WebView2 Runtime - 109.0.1518.52

Worked: even in English if you have "-" in the printer name, it's causing the issue, removing "-" worked.

Definitely an issue with MS Edge 

Update: FYI, when you rename the printer again with "-" the issue does not reoccur.

A new stable build was released today 109.0.1518.61. It should contain the fix for this issue. Please let me know if you're still experiencing this after updating.

The new update xxxxxxxx.61 works here. Thanks for the quick update.

Issue fixed after Edge Update 

Edge 109.0.1518.55 (older version), newer version which is updated  109.0.1518.61.




Does anyone have this issue again? Seems to be when the previous printer has a - or / in the name. If I choose Microsoft Print to PDF and then print again it comes up instantly remembering the old selection. But I change it to a printer with the symbol in it crashes and does not respond. 


CTRL SHIFT P works a treat as a work around. 

Works fine for me. Named a printer "Test-/test". No problem with the print preview and printing. Version 112.0.1722.39.



Thank you for replying. We are on the same version. Will go back to looking our end thank you again. 

We too are experiencing this problem, but only with certain printers/drivers. Our Xerox WorkCentre 7835i exhibits very long loading times while a random HP printer does not. Both are connected through network.
Our printer names does not contain any special characters.

Trying to print on the same printers in Chrome works like a charm.

Perhaps a strange combination of a driver/Edge interoperability bug?

CTRL + SHIFT + P also work for us.