Edge performance on e-ink devices - a few show-stopping bugs

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I've started using Edge Android on a Boox device, an e-ink Android tablet for note taking and annotation, but running full Android 10.  Edge works pretty well on the device (touch scrolling, pinch-zooming work great) but there are a few bad bugs. It would be great if the Edge Android developers could fix the most glaring bugs. 


Main issue, it seems like the touch interface doesn't properly handle single taps in some scenarios, so there may be a single simple fix that resolves all bugs below, e.g. some timing problem due to slow e-ink redraw of animations after touch. 


Bug 1: when the web page prompts for access to GPS location or notifications, that prompt cannot be dismissed by touch or pen. Long presses or tapping do nothing on that dialog.

Bug 2: it's not possible to switch tabs with a single tap on the tab. Long press on a tab does switch to it. 

Bug 3: it's not possible to close tabs with short or long press on the 'close' icon (doesn't work with stylus either). At best, a tap on the 'x' causes the x to blink twice, but the tab remains open. CTRL-W on a bluetooth keyboard does work. Long-pressing on the 'close' icon does offer 'close all tabs', so at least that's something! :)


Aside from these bugs, Edge is my favorite browser on the Boox. Unlike the built-in Neobrowser Chrome variant and Chrome, Edge actually offers some ad blocking. Much appreciated, since animated ads don't look great on e-ink. Looking forward to some fixes!

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Now that I've earned my two-year anniversary badge, I'm hoping as a reward I'll get an answer by MS here. Is there an Edge coder out there with access to an e-ink device? Have these bugs been logged somewhere, or do e-ink tablets not exist as far as MS is concerned?

Good news, the latest Edge Canary build for Android seems to work much better on Boox devices. See here for the MS announcement.