Edge on iOS does not allow download

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Hi Microsoft team,

I am using an xhr request to download a pdf (or a zip) file from our servers. Most browsers support createObjectURL(blob), however for IE/edge, I have been using msSaveOrOpenBlob to save the blob data.

iOS Edge however, neither does not support msSaveOrOpenBlob, not does respond to createObjectURL. So what should I do to download a file in iOS edge?

Other considerations

A simple GET request to the url is not an option as the files are behind a session. Even if I set a cookie to set the session (which I prefer to not) and perform a GET request, iOS edge allows you to successfully preview the pdf. However upon tapping 'open with' performs another GET request and seems to ignore the cookie entirely resulting in failure to download.


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I got the same problem, how to solve it

@illumidev any luck?


I don't know where I set for iOS Edge Broweser to no allow Download...


Thanks for your help!