Edge News Feed Opening to UK News

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I'm from the US and when opening Edge Beta I typically get the MSN News Feed in the US (Politics, sports, etc.).  I have been traveling in the UK last week and I can only assume that an update occurred to Edge Beta and now my entire Edge Beta MSN News Feed page is about UK (country) news, sports, etc.  How can I change the country back to the US?

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try removing all other languages from here: 

(including "English")
and only keep "English (United States)".


if "English (United States)" is not there, manually add it.


then go to here:



select "cookies and other site data" and "cached images and files" and delete them.


restart your browser and check again.


@HotCakeX I keep getting British news and stories. I have never visited any British site and have never been to that country. How do I stop getting it? I have checked the above things and all are set correctly.

@cal680 This is still happening today.

I just opened bing.com and I'm seeing all news stories from the UK, even though I'm clearly in the US, and even my MS account shows I'm in the US.