Edge missing in Alt+Tab when in full screen

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When Edge is in full screen more often than not it is missing from Alt+Tab menu, which means that in most cases when you alt+tab out of Edge and then alt+tab expecting to go back in, you don't and the browser is missing from the list. Then it reappears some time later. It would almost appear like the browser does not "register" in time for the menu.


This does not seem true for Win+Tab.

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Hi @VladislavKosev, I am having trouble reproducing this behavior.  Can you please tell me more about what you are trying to do, and how you are doing it?  How many monitors do you have?  When you say full screen do you mean a maximized window or the F11 full screen behavior?  How many windows do you have open?  How many tabs are open?  Thank you in advance.  I hope that I can help solve this issue for you.  Thanks - Elliot

@Elliot Kirk , I am not doing anything special. I am talking about the full screen functionality of the player, not the browser. I usually don't open more than several tabs and I don't have a second monitor. I have noticed that the number of open programs is not relevant either.


What I tested while I was typing this is:

  1. Opened a video on http://twitch.tv on full screen
  2. Returned here and typed stuff
  3. Tried Alt+Tab.

The first 4-5 times it worked. But as I spent time here, now it doesn't work at all or works 1 out of 10 cases.


Try leaving a youtube video open on full screen and go do some other stuff in another window. Try every now and then to alt+tab.


Let me know if I can hep more.

@Elliot Kirk I am experiencing the same problem. When I am watching a video in fullscreen on youtube, and I Alt+Tab, the edge window is initially there but, after a not even a second, it disappears. In my case, this only happens when my initial focus is on edge, that is, if I'm on another application, the edge window appears normally, however, when I am on edge, the stated problem occurs.

In my "Multitasking" settings in Windows 10, I have my Alt+Tab setting set to "only show windows", I have only one monitor and this is a fresh install of the latest Windows version.  

I'm on Windows 10 2004 build 19041.572, running both Edge Stable and Edge Dev, and I can confirm that I can reproduce this behavior on both the channels. Notably, Chrome and other Chromium browsers do not currently have this issue but have had such reports in the past, ~V80.