Edge making all autofill form data an address

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In a recent version of Edge, all saved form field values for autofill seem to be categorized as addresses. Edge used to separate these into general auto-fill values and full address records, which seemed more useful to me. Anyone else seeing this and feel this way?

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what is the "recent version of Edge" ?
because each of us are using a different channel, for me the recent version is
Version 90.0.810.0 (Official build) Canary (64-bit)

they are all saved in: edge://settings/addresses

and the description says:
"Save and fill personal info
Includes info such as name, date of birth, address and more"

it's normal for me, all the proper data type are saved and offered in online forms.
Version 88.0.705.81 (Official build) (64-bit)
My addresses are all there correctly. But lots of other things are also there that are not addresses. For example, let's say there's a Web site which asks my favorite color and I enter "blue". If I later go into Settings -> Addresses and more, I'll see "blue" along with addresses. If I click to Edit "blue", it shows the "Edit Address" form including street, phone, email, city, state, zip, etc. This doesn't make sense for a single term which is clearly not an address. 


Do you actually see a website asking for your favorite color and then Edge saves it in here?

it would be appropriate to save it there since the description doesn't limit it to "addresses" only
"Save and fill personal info"
Includes info such as name, date of birth, address and More"

but like you said, there is no "color" field there to save that custom piece of information in.
It's saving the value "blue" into the Name field of the Addresses record. It may just be that Edge is just using a full Address record for every piece of saved form data, knowing most of the fields will be blank as most of the records are not addresses. If this is intended functionality, then fine -- it's just a bit odd to me.
You can use the feedback button on Edge to send a feedback about it