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Edge-Linux Stable appears to be rolling out.   Although not yet available (as of noon US Central time, this date) on the consumer download page, Linux-Edge (.deb and .rpm) is available on the Edge for Business download page.


It has been a long wait.  Edge Dev was introduced a year ago, and Edge Beta was introduced in May.

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As of this morning (11/3/2021 at 4:43 am US CST), this is the download situation:


On the consumer-side Edge download page, accessed via Windows 11, Edge-Linux is not a download option:


Windows 11 Main Screen.jpg


On the consumer-side Edge download page, accessed via Linux, Edge-Linux is not a direct download option, but can be indirectly accessed via a "Using Windows Server?" download option. 


On the main screen, a splash above the download options box announces "Now on Linux", with a link:


Linux Main Screen.jpg


Clicking on "Click to Download" opens this area of the screen:




Using the "Using Windows Server?" link, it is possible to download both the .deb and .rpm versions of Edge-Linux.  


Edit/Update (11/3/2021 at 9:34 am US CST):  The "Using Windows Server?" download links now appear on the Windows-accessed version of the consumer website.  The dropdown box at the top of the page has not yet added a link to Edge-Linux.


On the business-side download page, Edge-Linux is available as a direct download option:


Windows Business Edge.jpg

It is not at all clear, to say the least, what Microsoft is up to vis a vis Edge-Linux Stable downloads.  It is entirely possible, I suppose, that Microsoft has not yet fully updated its consumer-side "Download Edge" pages, typical of Microsoft's fall-all-over-itself lack of coordination.  But I wonder if Microsoft might be marketing Edge-Linux to focus on business/enterprise and developer use rather than Linux-on-the-desktop use.  That -- and Microsoft's release of Edge-Linux only in .deb and .rpm formats -- would be consistent with Microsoft's apparent strategy of supporting Linux primarily for business use.  Who knows?


A community-based project is likely to bring Edge-Linux Stable to Flathub at some point, but as far as I know, that has not yet happened. 


At present, I think that it is fair to say that the situation is in flux.