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Hello....had been using edge.dev on linux mint 20.1 since it first came out and recently changed to edge.beta and have had several issues especially sync problems (passwords were not synced) and when opening  browser after boot always asked for keyring which I leave blank (unencrypted) and click save but when I switch on PC again next time still edge requests keyring and so it goes on and on....multiple instances of keyring stored in "passwords and keys". So I changed back to edge.dev but these same issues continue. Also noted that when I open edge and keyring is requested and I click continue for blank password and save browser does not open web page...have to close and re open. thanks

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@roy0581 Are you getting the message "Enter your password to unlock keyring - The login keyring did not get unlocked when you logged into your computer", or an equivalent message?


If so, the problem might be that you are using Autologin.


I encountered a similar problem when I first started testing Edge-Linux on Solus Budgie, Ubuntu 20.04 and Zorin OS 16 Beta.  As I explored the issue, I discovered that Chromium-based browsers (Chromium, Chrome, Vivaldi, Edge and so on) use the keyring to enable sync and password storage, and, as a result, require that the keyring either (1) be unlocked at boot, or (2) be unlocked each time a browser instance is opened. 


If you are using Autologin, changing your settings from "Autologin - ON" to "Autologin - OFF" might resolve the issue.  It did for me in all three cases.  When the keyring was unlocked on boot, the keyring unlock was persistent, as it is supposed to be, and Edge-Linux no longer required unlock when opened or used.


I haven't used Mint for a number of years, but if I recall correctly, Mint uses the Gnome keyring, so the following might be of help:  "The Keyring Concept in Ubuntu: What is It and How to Use it?"  The article is about Ubuntu rather than Mint, but the interaction of the Gnome keyring and Chromium-based browsers are reasonably well explained.

I will try this out IF I re-install Edge-beta for Linux as I have since formatted and re-installed both Windows 10 and Linux Mint on my dual-boot PC. Thanks