Edge is ignoring "Trusted Sites"

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The Microsfot Edge (Version 80.0.361.111) is ignoring Trusted Sites. Also the lower Version do that. When i open an internal website, i got a certificate error. When i do the same with Internet Explorer, he does not mind about that. Our CA is a bit older, but in Time of Corona not really an option to renew. Also the "old Edge" did not mind before. (Because he tooks the trusted sites) Any Idea how i could go on?

Btw: Other Question. I open another Conversation here: https://techcommunity.microsoft.com/t5/microsoft-edge/search-in-microsoft-edge-ist-not-working/m-p/1... But the Website is not accessable any more. Any Idea where Microsoft moved it or why Microsoft blockes that?


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@disler Thanks for letting us know! Can you please submit detailed feedback through the browser along with diagnostic data? It would help our devs if you're able to list which trusted sites specifically are being ignored, along with any relevant GPO settings you have enabled.


And if you haven't yet, please give our updated Stable version a try! It's currently running build 81.


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