Edge Image of the Day Choice based on Brightness

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I truly enjoy the images but because I have cataracts it is hard on my eyes when I get bright images, eg sunny field, landscape with bright sunlit rocks etc.   I would like a choice somewhere to get images that are darker like night skies, night sea shores, etc.  I would also like a choice for pictures of nature only vs. the cityscapes and man-made structures I don't really care for.

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Hey there, welcome to the Microsoft Edge forum! This is a great idea for customization - please submit feedback via Edge's "…" menu in the top right > Help and feedback > Send feedback, and let us know what you would like to see as options. In terms of options now, a custom theme might allow for some variety while still sticking to a darker color palette and will give you control over the type of images displayed. You can go to edge://settings/appearance and set a theme from the Add-on Store or from other stores!