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I recently switched from Chrome to Edge. I liked Chromes colorful icon because it stands out from mostly bluish icons pinned to taskbar. Now I have hard time to find Edge amongst a lot of small blue icons. :)

I would like to have an option to chose different colors of Edge icon in red, orange or other, more vivid colors.



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you always have had this ability in Windows.
right-click on Edge's icon on desktop, go to properties, shortcut tab, select change icon.
there will be some icons there but the best thing is there is a browser button which lets you browser for any icon that you want. just make sure the picture or icon file you want to choose is in .ico format.
Thanks for you answer.
I know you can change icon that way, but that works only for desktop icon. When you open Edge, there is same old blue icon appears on taskbar.

Sorry i forgot the last part :)
after you do that, unpin the old icon from taskbar and drag the new one over the taskbar to pin it.

you can do the same to Start menu shortcuts:
C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs


btw, can you please attach a screenshot of your taskbar? I want to see the old icons you're referring to.



I tried that and I had a nice orange Photoshop colored Edge icon on taskbar. :) Very visible amongst other Word, Outlook, My Computer, Control Panel, etc, etc blue icons.
When the Edge is not running!
When I start Edge, there is same old blue boring icon.

it appears that the trick works on Edge canary but on Edge stable, it reverts back to the original state like you said.
so i used resource hacker to change it and keep it that way.


Edge stable executable is here: C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft\Edge\Application


if you get an error saying Edge is open, one reason could be the startup boost: edge://settings/system

btw, these icons are new, like a year old. is it possible that you are seeing internet explorer or Edge legacy icons on your taskbar?

Tak Edge umożliwia zmianę ikony - dodam zrzut ekranu ekranu.
Ale ja uważam że to jest tak jak znak towarowy i nie powinien być zmieniany !



Thank you. I'll try that and let you know.



Well, it's not working for me :(

I have changed icon in resource hacker. On taskbar there is colored icon, when I run Edge there is same old blue icon. I tried with release and dev version.


I like the yellowish color you chose for Edge