EDGE going over the Edge?

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Microsoft Edge is a great browser spanning several platforms such which include Apple Mac OS, iOS and claim to be the ONLY "...fully supported browser for Office 365 Apps"... so 



According to the Microsoft staff that work on our support cases at: Office 365 Business/School and Personal 365 support, Windows, Azure and Dynamics,  they do NOT directly support Edge and pass all support cases to an etheral group which generates no responses (in most of (our) cases, go unanswered).  



EDGE may be going off the Edge as issues frequntly all focus blame on the Browser, and may seem to be endless. In fact Edge itself may be MOST difficult to support due to its broad spectrum of concern and platform bandwidth (Windows, MacOS, iOS, Office portal, and most others even purely Microsoft, let alone others such as ADOBE).  Today critical Add-ins span from Adobe to Xerox.. and are difficult for users to troubleshoot if neigh impossible. Sharing Edge crashes seems to glean enough resulting eventlually in resolution but are delivered in NEVER ENDING slew of BUG FIXES and PATCHES (seemingly less than 1/2 due do SECURITY UPDATES or FEATURE UPDATES let alone UPGRADES).


I sympathize with the "Edge teams" that develop all aspects of of the browser both within Microsoft (and Chromium) and dev partner forums, but I cant help but believe Microsoft NEEDS to ramp up the ability to keep it working sustainably and with better communication or we are one hack (or bad update) away from going off the Edge... all of us. Better support to their OWN Microsoft departments may be a good start which should result in FASTER problem solving to determine cause, and not reveal security vulnerabilities undesirable on forums or community groups, SIGs, UGs. It will no doubt also result in a happier MICROSOFT ONLINE Users and give respite to IT support staff everywhere.

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So, do you have any specific technical problem with Edge? all I read was ranting but nothing specific for the community to help you with.

You can find more support options in here:



trying to find out where actual iOS support is in Edge for iOS as it all leads to WINDOWS version support (most cases) and occationally to MacOS support...


is there no dedicated iOS or MacOS support pages for specific issues such as Password Manager.


Which by the way disappeared since Oct.15 app updates, until this week latest version of iOS Edge.

it is back now for iOS version (iphone and ipad)


   Account Settings...

             Passwords     >

                       Saved Passwords


Apparently now site passwords can be discretely added and edited in all Edge Browsers...with all account profile types*.. ie: creating Edge passwords to URLs you have no open window Browser history.


(In Mid Oct. (Canada) was a not possible in MS Edge versions: Windows, Mac, iOS... for any users with Edge Account Profiles (including @365 personal, ie:@outlook.com, @hotmail.com, or with basic Microsoft ID.)


However, ability to add/edit URLs and passwords worked before this update, if the the Edge profile: was an sign in as: O365, Business/School IDs, Azure AD, and MS Teams)


Some praise: this was a notable improvement in Edge (beta since Sept. 2022) but did not go live ver. till last two weeks, has had problems as described with iOS.  I wish there was dedicated support for iOS/MacOS versions. If anyone can find it from Microsoft please advise.


I wish to see Microsoft improve Edge support... sorry it may seem like ranting.. I rather think it a discussion point, and opinion. Microsoft Support have expressed their resentment and appology for not having support internally for Edge... My hopes that it would spawn a discussion. According to the community guidelines this commuity is NOT JUST TO "discuss technical problems.". but allows us to "rant" as you call it, in a constructive way to effect improvement. If anyone has issues getting support for Edge for iOS and MacOS... ex. I just posted a fix that does not appear in any help ... Can you find support url for Edge iOS password Manager? see "Post your comments, opinions, and ideas in a constructive and respectful way..." https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/microsoftedge/forum/all/microsoft-edge-community-guidelines/6dc9...