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Is there a place where I can see the roadmap for edge for linux?

My intention is things that already work on other platforms but still doesn't work on linux, for example - sign-in....

without the ability to sign-in it's not a real cross-platform browser, because I can't swtich between different OSs or computers and have all my passwords and history synchronized....


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@rgrosberg We appreciate you reaching out. Microsoft Edge on Linux will be handled similarly on Mac, and should be showing up on our Microsoft 365 Roadmap. And our Linux team knows that sync is an eagerly awaited feature, so we will let you know as soon as it's available!

Fawkes (they/them)
Program Manager & Community Manager - Microsoft Edge
1st time post, hi! I came here to find out more about the sign in/sync being supported "issue". I'm really looking forward to Linux being a supported platform. Every time an updated version comes down the pipes, that's the 1st thing I check.

@LinuxRich Though I am new to linux and am aware that a lot of people in the linux community are not so pro microsoft, but coming from Windows 10, I am absolutely amazed how satisfied I am with the chromium Edge and so are my friends and family members. I have it on iPad, default browser on Windows machines and on iOS and android phones. Having sync on linux and linux support is so vital. It would combine the whole web computing ecosystem under one umbrella no matter what the system runs on. I hope this message encourages Edge linux build developers to continue working on it. The worst scenario would be abandoning the linux community for Google to dominate with their Google tools.