Edge for Business 64-bit MSI's not installing 64-bit Edge

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We are trying to install the 64-bit of Edge via the Edge for Business MSI, however after executing this MSI the About info for Edge still says 32-bit. We look into the registry and the Uninstall section for Edge is in the 32-bit section of the hive.


This has been an issue for a very long time and we did see it was reported a last year but nothing has been done about it. How do I contact the developers to ask that this is urgently fixed?


The 32-bit installer should only install the 32-bit version and the reg keys put into the correct places, and the 64-bit should only ever install the 64-bit version and the reg keys put into the correct places. As it stands Edge is not a viable option for central control because the detection in Azure Endpoint Manager really does need to know if they software is in the right place (64-bit\32-bit etc).


These are all Microsoft applications and services so the impact is on businesses and with the upcoming end of IE11 we need Microsoft to ensure that Edge is ready for business use... it is not with this problem. 


Edit: This issue manifests when changing between the 32-bit and 64-bit versions of the software which is more common than some would believe due to 3rd parties (such as Barclays bank) only creating services that will work with one particular kind of application install (32-bit Edge or 64-bit Edge for example).


Edit2: Please also note that the 64-bit MSI always installs the software in 'Program Files x86', this must be changed to install in the 'Program Files' folder on 64-bit operating systems. 


Essentially this software is not ready for Production in businesses. 

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