Edge Feedback Enhance

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It would be great if you can specify in the edge feedback what is the problem, like 


1: Feature Request?

2: Bugs?

3: Suggestions?

4: Compliments


It would be nice for each one in the email, there is a link so you can share to be able to upvote other's people's suggestions. 


It would be nice to report the same bug in the same link to upvote anonymously as well.


I feel that this will help to lessen down the number of emails the devs are getting each day and see all in one who wants this and who is reporting?








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@DeletedAll great ideas, but I'll add a suggestion: Also create a specific URL--like edge://feedback--for sending feedback in a whole window, not just the vertical rectangle view.

Hi Kam, I don't' really get what you mean, can you please rephrase.
@Deleted I meant instead of a small window, there could be a separate tab for sending feedback.
Oh, I see what you mean instead of a popup? Why would that be a good?

@DeletedBecause there would be more room for the buttons that you suggested. And, I didn't say to remove the pop-up, I just meant it as a toggle.


P.S. And a link to upvote could be like:

@Kam Oh, I see, that makes more sense. I will send feedback. 

This would be good
the feedback link to share and upvote would be practical only if there is a platform where we can see user submitted feedback, like feedback hub
Yes, I can see the problem and I hope they usfigure out something since this is a good suggestion? I think they talked about it before
I don't remember they talked about it
best response
it's not really a problem though, they need to read every piece of feedback anyway, so they will understand what the feedback is talking about
Yes, I understnad, thanks
You're welcome!