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Hey can you guys add the Drop down favorites and hisitory book and downloads reading list menu from the old edge to add it to this one please

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This is great feedback. Are you looking for a way to access your favorites and history withough having to open a new tab?
Yeah just like the normal edge works

@Elliot Kirk One of the things that I dislike most about Chrome is the inablilty to open and pin my favorites list to the right-hand side of the browser, just like you can in IE and now Edge.  Open your favorites once and it is always at hand.  No extra clicks to open a new tab, no extra clicks to open a folder from the favorites bar.

I would also like to have the pin to the right functionality added please.
I totally understand that @stedsch. I use that all the time myself. I will make sure that your feedback is heard by the owners of history / favorites.

The fluidity of this in Edge should be ported to new edge. The icon should also be in the taskbar but not as a fav icon having 2 is confusing make it a control pannel icon or something.


@Elliot Kirk 

Yes please, can't understand how people live with how Chrome handles bookmarks.

Look at Firefox for example and add something similar. (Added screenshot)


Also please don't add too many buttons to the UI unless we can customize everything like in Firefox. Already tired of the profile and feedback button in the top right corner. Buttons you rarely ever use and they just clutter the interface. Could easily be added to the hamburger menu.

that would be a nice addition

@Elliot KirkWe definitely need the favorites system from the old Edge with the menu next to the address bar and the really nice larger font/graphics on the pull down menu.  The way Chrome handles bookmarks is atrocious and it's one of the top reasons I don't use Chrome.  This is a nice way to differentiate yourselves from Chrome, otherwise you are going to have a lot of users ask themselves why bother with the new Edge if they can just use Chrome.  

@Elliot Kirk Everyone in this thread seems in favor of this idea, but I mentioned in another thread that I didn't love how cramped it felt. Since this seems to be a popular request I'd like to share some additional thoughts.


Maybe if the sidebar's size could be adjustable it would feel less cramped. Also in Edge Stable the sidebar is used for a lot of things including settings and extensions (although those are not a part of the sidebar interface used for Favorites/Reading list/Books/History/Downloads, but rather they were their own individually separated sidebars). Edge Stable felt like it had less in terms of settings where Edge Canary as of writing today feels like it has many more options (which is great by the way!) and I feel like trying to cram that many options into a small sidebar, especially if it can't be resized or popped out into a full size tab/window would feel really clostrophobic.


I like that in Edge Stable the sidebar can be pinned, but without being able to resize it or pop it out to a full size tab/window the sidebar in Edge Stable wasn't pleasant for me personally. Hopefully since the sidebar interface seems so desired it can be improved on if it is implemented into the new Chromium based Edge!

Thank you all for your feedback on bookmarks / favorites. We understand that they way we handle this affects all users as their bookmarks are where many people begin their browsing. It is also an area where personal preferences vary widely. We will likely experiment with various layouts, collecting feedback and telemetry to try and get the best fit for the largest number of customers. Please keep updating and offering us your feedback, we are listening.


I agree. Hate to admit it, but I feel how EdgeHTML handles/displays favorites/bookmarks is far superior. I know it's all a love-hate type of thing. But it's one of my top personal preferences for using IE or EdgeHTML over other browsers.


I totally forgot about it, until I looked at this new version and got completely frustrated. Now this is a GUI type of thing (I think), so I personaly believe that MS should consider sticking with with the same layout as they have done. If person doesn't like how it's done, there are other browsers to choose from (which is a good thing).


Sometimes trying to apease EVERYONE isn't a good thing, sometimes you end up alienating a majority just to placate a vocal minority.



Edge is based on chromium so ellipse [ . . . ] (top right of address bar) is where all access to all functions are based. Since new Edge (dev) is based on chromium, that is where ALL "setings," "history," "favorites,  "extensions," "downloads," etc will be located in the "new" Edge.


It uses the ellipse to be visually compatible with chromium/Chrome instead of the dual "dueling icons." Less busy, one access point, simpler, easier.



That would be a huge shame if MS left out the way the old Edge handled bookmarks, IMO that's one of the absolute top reasons I used it over other browsers.  To have to dig into menus just to get to a bookmark, especially if I'm doing a lot of browsing is inefficient, inelegant and very frustrating at best.  I've always hated how Chrome handles bookmarks this way.  Instead of being simpler, as you put it, it just makes more work. 


I also hope MS isn't trying to be visually compatible with Chromium/Chrome, I would hope they take their browser in the direction they want to instead of just being a clone, otherwise they are going to have a hard time convincing existing users to switch to their browser.  Differentiation is where it's at, and that's a big reason why most of us chose the old Edge as our browser of choice. 

That is one of the biggest flaws that the "original" Edge got wrong? No easy, good way to manage favorites was built-in. And the 3rd-party favorites manager's were horrible at best.

Ctrl+Shift+O opens the Favorites manager. EZ. Just hope the team improves the experience so that it is as good as chromium/Chrome. It needs to be responsive and include drag and drop to be useful and navigate the folder tree.

The old Edge was adopted by too few people and was unsuccessful. Google kept messing with how web-page rendering functioned and made Edge less than optimal, so the move to Open-Source chromium to eliminate that problem.

The UI will be all Microsoft and most user's will see minimal differences in the end (I suspect). The data tells Edge developers what UI features were previously used and which were eye-candy.



"That is one of the biggest flaws that the "original" Edge got wrong? "  I didn't say that, or are you saying that?  The way favorites/bookmars were handled was one of the great things that HTML Edge got right.  It was efficient and elegant and miles ahead of what Chrome and Firefox still have today.


"No easy, good way to manage favorites was built-in. And the 3rd-party favorites manager's were horrible at best."  I beg to differ, HTML Edge's favorites/bookmarks built in system was excellent, easily the best among all browsers.  


"Ctrl+Shift+O opens the Favorites manager. EZ."  That's an awful way to  navigate favorites/bookmarks IMO.  It's not a terrible way to actually manage them, although I would opine that just dragging and dropping through HTML Edge browser was much simpler.  But to have to press Ctrl Shft O  and open a new page EVERY single time I wanted to navigate to a favorite is just awfully involved.


"The old Edge was adopted by too few people and was unsuccessful. Google kept messing with how web-page rendering functioned and made Edge less than optimal, so the move to Open-Source chromium to eliminate that problem."  Completely agree, but that has very little, if anything, to do with what we are talking about.  In just a week or so of using Chromium Edge I think it's great.  Just to expound on HTML Edge's low numbers I really doubt that a complete Chrome clone will sway many users to switch to Edge, especially if Google uses MS's code for smooth scrolling/zooming.  If I'm going to be subjected to an inefficient way to handle my favorites I might as well stay with Chrome. 


I have several hundred bookmarks. I don't use Edge and instead use FireFox only because it fits those bookmarks tightly on the left side (reduced mouse movement and similar to Adobe Acrobat Table of Contents setup). Plus it's easy to manage those bookmarks via dragging.


I'd sure like to use Edge but without that pinned bookmark's not in the cards.


Sorry, I think we're talking about different things? Favorites display vs. Favorites management?


Edge Favorites display was good IMO, not great.


New Edge still easy to add favorites, access Favorites Bar and "Other"Favorites.


Edge Favorites management was horrible and not intuitive. Drag and drop worked but wasn't responsive, sluggish and inaccurate, IMO. That's why there were attempts to develop third-party apps to manage Edge Favorites. Power user's could use admin tools, but that's not a typical user.


The "Hub" is what every one seems to miss but the New style ellipse, or hamburger menu icon gives you most of what was on the Edge Hub. anyway? OK change the link icon to the "Hub" icon but keep chromium menu, it is cleaner design and keeps everything  in one place. I never used Reading List or Books? Add 'em if you want.


Edge was adopted by a very, very small share of Windows users. Ranged between 8-12% generally. Edge dev and Edge canary are "developmental" and datametrics will guide UI development. I think the team will add Reading Pane, Fluent Design (likely) and many other features in the weeks ahead.


I liked Edge, I used Edge (along with other browsers to stay fluent with their UI, etc). Edge wasn't adopted. Google messed with Edge rendering. Edge adoption hit a plateau, or was droppimg. Using chromium rendering puts the New Edge browser in the mainstream and, bonus, open-sourced. Less likely to be messed with by the "Not Evil" Empire. Better extension base, too.