Edge - Enabled Hardware acceleration issue

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Hi all, I have this problem. When I have hardware acceleration turned on in my browser the contrasts in Youtube videos are changing, it's frustrating, I don't know what the original contrasts are anymore, especially when I'm watching a video and opening a new tab.
But that's the plus side, all the sites that use 3D for example to view 3D models, or the same maps, work smoothly. But with the contrast of the video - the problem.
But when I turn off the hardware acceleration, this problem with contrast is no, but already sites with 3D and maps start to slow down and lag.

For example in Firefox there is no such thing, no problem with contrast, and no problem with lags in 3D and map sites.

And that's the problem with Chrome.
I would like to use Edge because I like the Startup boost feature and Bing AI.


Surely a better solution would be to disable hardware acceleration, but no. If I urgently need to go to a particular site, such as Maps, and it starts lagging, then I will have to re-enter the settings and there turn on, and in addition still reload the browser, which will lead to a restart of all the tabs that were active, such as voice chat.



NVIDIA GT 710 (1 gb, I know it's an outdated video card, but I took it to watch videos and do simple video editing.)


FX 8300 (8 Cores)

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