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I ran into a persistent "resolving host" issue on one of my computers this weekend and worked my way through the usual resolution steps (W10 DNS flush (ipconfig /flushdns), browser DNS flush and so on) in order to clean up the various DNS caches and start with a clean slate.


It does not appear that Edge DNS flush (edge://net-internals/#dns, similar to chrome://net-internals/#dns or opera://net-internals/#dns) is operative. 


The "Clear host cache" button shows up but doesn't seem to be functioning:




I don't know if this is a bug or a feature, but it is a difference from other Chromium-based browsers I've had the occasion to use.

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@tomscharbach Thanks for reaching out, Tom! I brought this back to the team and they didn't have an immediate answer. @ericlaw , do you have any insight into this?


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@tomscharbach Thanks for the note!

Can you elaborate on your determination that the button doesn't work? What sort of testing did you do?

Notably, the button provides no feedback of completion, and is styled in such a way in Edge that it is more likely to appear that clicking it hasn't actually "pushed" the button. But it does dispatch the clearHostResolverCache call to the browser.

@tomscharbach I found the same "issue" you likely saw. Not only did I need to ipconfig /flushdns and edge://net-internals/#dns but also Ctrl+F5 on the website in questions.