Edge Dev Tools Bug: IndexedDB filled with Webpack bundles

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While cleaning stuff on my pc, I came a across this file:

C:\Users\<user>\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Edge\User Data\Default\IndexedDB\devtools_devtools_0.indexeddb.blob

which consisted of almost 4GB of webpack bundled files from my projects (I could recognize my code in the bundled files).

I successfully recreated the 'bug' by adding even more files by following these steps after the webpack server was initialized and I loaded the page with a devtools window open: 

  1.  Make any change in a local project file to trigger HMR.
  2.  Wait for HMR to finish.
  3.  Reload the page.

Clearing browser cache did not remove these files (But I did keep my 20K searches just because).

I tried to recreate the bug in Chrome but didn't work so I doubt that this is a webpack problem.

Also the webpack config was preconfigured from create-react-app with typescript (+ react-router-dom which I am not sure if it reconfigures anything). 

Running on: 

  • Edge version: 101.0.1210.53
  • Windows 11


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@kostas1485 Edge DevTools caches loaded source maps for about 30 days. So, this folder should not keep growing forever.


You can clear the source map cache this way:


  1. Open the Command menu with Ctrl+Shift+P (replace Ctrl with Cmd if you're on Mac).
  2. Start typing the word "Clear" and choose the Clear source maps cache command, press Enter.