Edge - Desktop Icon for web app?


I don't even know if that's the correct Subject.   So I somehow created an App in Edge (Settings/Apps) and then a Desktop Icon for it.  I'll be honest in saying I have no clue how I did it but I like it.  The App was for Outlook in O365 if it matters.


I'm in the Dev Ring BTW




1. What's the process for doing something like this?

2. Needs to be a little more apparent on how to do it in Edge.

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@John Nash You can create "app" like browsers by clicking Menu > More Tools > Pin to Desktop. You can also invoke Edge like so:


   msedge.exe --app=https://example.com/

A newer and cool solution is create shortcuts for your preffered websites and they opening like a app ... access any website, click in ( . . . ) Edge Menu > Apps >Install this site as an app , than click in Manage Apps (in same menu) put mouse over icon and with right click select Create shortcuts (on desktop or Startmenu) ... I always wait for this feature!!! thanx Edge Team!!!