Edge crashes on print via extension

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We have an extension which registers a printer.
When opening the print dialog, selecting our extension registered printer and clicking "Print", the Edge browser crashes.
Here's a minimal print extension example (not made by me) which reproduces the issue:

We have created an extension which uses the PrinterProvider API to print a page, and then sends the printed page somewhere. The extension is published in Chrome and Edge stores. It works in Chrome but crashes in Edge.

We found this similar example (which is where we got the example extension).
This related bug was posted in September of 2023. Why hasn't this bug been addressed yet?
We need this bug to be fixed, as our customers depend on this behavior working in critical business flows. Please have a look at this issue urgently.

Demo/more info:
Attaching a recording demonstrating the behavior.
When clicking Print in the printer dialog, the browser crashes.

To Microsoft Support: More details can be found in the linked Feedback Hub ticket:

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