Edge crash with youtube video in full screen

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Hi team,


Since version 117.0.2045.35, we can't put youtube on Edge for business in full screen. 

The personal browser of edge is working fine in full screen.

Strange is there any limitation in Edge for business ?



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I have no issues with that.
I use each and every version of Edge and I have faced no such problem since my most used website is YouTube.
I have tested business version too. But, I have no issues. You must have problems with your computer.
It's not specially in my computer but all (almost at the moment 5 different device) the MacOs computer we have in the company.
The edge for business is managed by intune configuration policy.
New info : it's all the full screen function that not work.
The issue is just for work part of the browser (the personal browser has no issue like this). Those happened for all my company .